Holiday Get-Together Post

Remember the "craft" group that I've mentioned in past posts? Well, it's actually a knit group and tonight was our holiday potluck party at one of the member's homes (with two decorated Christmas trees, no less!). I arrived late since my errands took a nasty toll on my knee.

But it was so good to see all the women whom I hadn't seen for many, many months! Hugs galore! Just the two hours I did get to share with them warmed my heart so much! There had to be almost 30 in attendance! After talking with many and seeing the desserts they were enjoying (the dinner theme was tacos, but the desserts were all over the map), I made the mistake at 7:45 at night of eating two. Not big, but deadly sweet and yummy.

Thus here I am up at 2 a.m.

There's something about feeding children and people with immune problems and a wacked metabolism, any sweets too close to bedtime...they all get "wired" (at least in my experience). So it's back to my blog I go waiting for sleep to hit. I really should know better. And I'm not that old, it's just one's metabolism has a mind of its own at a certain point.

For instance, when I was married, we loved going out to dinner (something I haven't done in far too long) and having an after dinner drink. He had cognac and I, Amaretto or Frangelico on the rocks. At a certain point I began to notice the "sugar rush" and couldn't fall asleep. So sad, since I really enjoyed this little treat. Oh well. But so it goes.

It was still a lovely evening of seeing people (some I hadn't seen in well over a year or more), hearing about the changes in their lives and so on. I had several comments that I looked so much more relaxed since the divorce was over. Didn't realize it showed so much in my face!

So that was my taste of the "decorated" holidays and friends.

The errand I ran today was getting the ham shanks, turnips and I forgot what else. But I'm set for the week. Of course, once again, my egg nog addiction has hit especially since Von's had half gallon cartons for $2.99...kind of hard to resist! Funny, when I lived with doltoid, he always bought egg nog and if he saw me drink any, he'd comment on my weight...one less worry now...and my weight hasn't increased much at all, so there! :)

I seem to be (please) nodding off. Hope you enjoyed this post and do one thing at least, just for yourself this season!

P.S. No relation or promotion, but if you're in "downtown" L.A. go to the Water Grill...to die for if you remotely like fish! It's in the Biltmore Hotel. Valet parking in the hotel's garage. Pricey, but well worth it and the trip!

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Blogger Joanne said...

(a) Any guy who comments on your weight just for drinking eggnog is a total loser. For the record. You're DEFINITELY better off without him.

(b) I'm so glad you had fun at your party! And well, one sleepless night isn't SO bad. I'm glad you enjoyed the treats!

12/23/11, 5:01 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Lol! I sooo agree...
a) way, WAY better!
b) Now 6 a.m., oh well, an early start! :)
It was well worth it for my heart and soul!

12/23/11, 6:25 AM  

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