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Since I have the MRI scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, I'm going to have to run out tomorrow to pick up the holiday fixin's, limited as they are. Of course, it's supposed to rain also. Just what I don't look forward to, crazed holiday shoppers/drivers made more frenetic by rain! You will recall, that rain here is usually drizzle, but it may as well be a full blown thunderstorm for the chaos it causes. I'll try to take some photos while I'm out tomorrow. Depends on what there is to snap.

It's such an odd feeling to have almost nothing to do for the holidays. No cards to write, no presents to wrap, no one to call. This will be my sixth Christmas alone (yes, this is the whining section of the post). I was very close to just ignoring the day, but recalled how I felt when I ignored that one Thanksgiving. So, as I said, it's ham shank stew with root veggies and whatever green side dish I can think of.

I really have to move somewhere less suburban. Everyone I know is married and it seems there's no room for a single/divorced person.

Haven't heard from my brother since August. Nor his kids despite my emails. No clue as to what's up with the silence. Life can be really weird. Families even weirder.

My knitting group is meeting one evening this week for a holiday taco get together. The Midwestern part of me is shaking her head and muttering "tacos and Christmas don't go together". Since everyone attending has to bring something, the other part of me will pick a few avocados from the tree while slicing some veggies and making a dip (so I have something to nibble on). I've learned that most mexican food does not agree with me.

My version of a holiday get together involves cheeses like brie and herbed goat cheese, deviled eggs, liver pate, fondue, shrimp, raw ground beef and assorted breads and crackers accompanied by cookies, cakes and eggnog. Still, it will be nice to see the people since it's been a while. Plus, I haven't knit for almost a year.

For the coming weekend, I pretty much have to make up my own little version of the holiday. At least it won't cost much. I may just while away the day by going through old photos...or not. Before we all know it, we'll wake up in January 2012.

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Blogger Joanne said...

Getting through the holidays after a divorce or any kind of loss is SO HARD. Kudo to you for pushing through! Hopefully next year will be better and happier!

12/19/11, 5:38 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Thanks Joanne! Funny how much I enjoy this blog, kind of keeps me balanced. The extra treat is receiving comments from other bloggers kind enough to stop by!

12/19/11, 12:14 PM  

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