Nibble Plan for the Holidays Post

Christmas is only nine seven days away. Why am I always so surprised? I still blame the California summers and how they extend so far into "fall". Halloween arrives and it's still shirt-sleeve weather. How are you supposed to get in the mood for Thanksgiving, much less Christmas? I'm usually just getting into the feel of holidays on the day Christmas arrives.

Last year, I had all these little foodie treats planned out for myself on Christmas Eve, Day and New Year's. I did make the ham shank meal which was delicious. About a week ago I was at the same store where I found them last year and they were still only $1.99/pound! Since turkeys seem to have gone back up in price just like last year, I may just be making ham shanks again. No need to buy as much poundage! I'll have to think about it for a day or three. Can you tell I started this entry a few days ago?

Maybe while I'm there, I'll get a second one and make split pea soup...mmm. And once again, just like last year, I'm getting carried away with myself. My mind has all this energy and I've got to remember that the body doesn't always cooperate. (I really have to get myself into a gym program.)

So instead of overwhelming myself this year with tasks, I'm going to take it one step at a time. I'll pick up the ham shanks this week or early next tomorrow...as long as my knee is cooperating. Tuesday I'm scheduled for an MRI to see what the heck is wrong with it. Frankly, I think it's lack of exercise but of course the doctors say (as always) that it won't help. Their way of saying they won't make money if they agree.

I'll also call a nearby butcher and have them reserve some ground sirloin for pick up the day before New Year's Eve, just for raw beef on rye. Mmmm! I can imagine all the people cringing at this thought but I love it with thin red onions, sea salt and ground pepper. Note: I also like my eggs sunny side up with runny yokes. :)  Yet, I don't so much love sushi...what can I say?

I already picked up some ham and cream cheese for (potential) ham and cheese roll-ups. Ideally, I'll have this recipe (not that it's really a recipe, super-easy and brainless) when I make them and take photos as I go. Though, as I said, it's not a brain-buster. :) But in lieu of that, I'll just walk you through it.

All that's left is some brie, a baguette (which I'll slice and freeze for ease of use) and some liver pate. I found a few recipes, so I may or may not make it...it'd be for New Year's Eve. Oh, and a bottle of prosecco from Trader Joe's for that!

So that's it for the holiday nibble-plan. Hope the season, whenever it is for you, gives you much joy and peace!

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