It's 2012 and a Leap Year Post

Happy New Year! May this coming leap year (thanks for the reminder Laurie and Camrun!) bring you more happiness and love than you can imagine! Hey, we get one extra day this year! It's a gift! How bad can a year be if it brings you a present?!

In the last few days, after visiting the assorted blogs I follow, I've gotten a feeling that there's more gratitude and love out there than I've noticed in a while. I'm not sure if it's because people have lost and seen others lose so much over the last year that everyone is more attuned to the tiny joys of life or if we're all just glad to get rid of 2011!

Andrea at Under the Blue Moon had a wonderful post yesterday. She photographed her hand-written "To Do List" for 2012. In her words " I don't think of them as resolutions so much as the way I would like things to be.  I just decided, to paraphrase a quote, to design the sort of life I want to live"I love this idea! Personally, I've never been one for resolutions, they always struck me as silly, well-intentioned but still...silly. Just couldn't get with the program so to speak.

I can totally get behind Andrea's concept. It's gracious, less punitive. You're striving to make your life happier, more beautiful, not to change yourself from night to day or bad to good. It's a much more positive way to look at things IMHO.

A resolution seems more pass or fail...at least in my eyes. Don't reach your goals? You've failed. Not a very positive alternate outcome. And since one of my wishes for the new year is to continue trying to be more positive and not so negative (the result of the five year long divorce among other things), an idea of a list like Andrea's appeals to me.

If you get everything on your list done, great. If not, you don't have the same incentive to punish yourself when you "fail". If you fall short of your wishes it's your loss and that's enough "punishment" in my book. If, on the other hand you succeed, you've given yourself a better life, one you truly deserve.

To that end, I'm going to start thinking about what I want, what would make my life better and design my own "to do" list. I'm actually kind of excited about it, something I never felt when contemplating going with resolutions; they always felt like I was telling myself "you've been bad and so your disciplinary actions are as follows". No, not something I want to participate in.

So with this positive note I'm kicking off 2012, may we all be better for it and find love, peace and happiness!

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Blogger Andrea - Under a Blue Moon said...

What a lovely post and thank you for mentioning me. I'm with you - I don't care for the idea of resolutions. The very word 'resolute' sounds so joyless and like drudgery.

And yay! for leap year! I didn't realize that. One extra day to learn French!

1/2/12, 1:40 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Glad you enjoyed it and again, the "to do" list idea is brilliant! Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I'm so glad you started your journey into the French language already, have fun with it!

1/2/12, 2:59 PM  

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