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Was able to snag a few hours sleep in the morning so I'm not going bonkers. Very glad that all my errands and so on are done. Oh sure, if I was really crazed, I'd go to Whole Foods and hit their olive bar for olives with Provencal herbs (sooo good) and cheese counter (a pricey bit of heaven*). Happily, I can do that early next week when everyone else is hitting the after Christmas sales.
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*They do have Leyden cheese which I fell in LOVE with when visiting my friend in The Netherlands. So good for breakfast, sliced wafer thin with a wee bit of butter on black bread (and I don't mean pumpernickel). Awesome.

Still need to pick up a few prescriptions (thank heavens for the "drive-thru"), get gas in the car (saw it for $3.59 at a nearby station), pick up two things at the cleaners, mail two birthday cards and stop at the bank. But, because I have nowhere to go or be in the next three days, it can all wait till next week. Yay! No holiday insanity or dealing with crazed drivers here! Aaah....
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Listening to Pandora radio while I write. Every now and then a holiday piece comes on from Diana Krall's Christmas Songs album, which I love. So relaxing.

So with that I'll close, wishing you all a peaceful, relaxing evening or morning (depending on your time zone). Time goes by so quickly.

So early 60's!
P.S. That just jogged my memory. As we now step into the "way back machine" a la Rocky and Bullwinkle...a song from long ago (like 1965!), Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. Music simply to die for. Melt, melt, melt.... Enjoy!

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