The "F" Finger Post

Gotta' tell you, I was never a fast typist. In high school we had to take "Personal Typing". Must say, I'm not in "that" side of my brain a lot because I barely passed. It was my only grade below an A I received. Dang!

Luckily, and very sadly, I had a fellow student who was also typing challenged...so much so that Sister Mary Casper put "blank covers" on the keys of her typewriter so she had to memorize the location of the keys. I felt so bad for D........of course, I didn't do much better.

Between time and errors, my typing rate never got above 40 wpm. Quite sad. But at least I know the location of the keys if not the numbers...that was just too much to take in within the semester. Thus you can imagine how a swollen middle finger on my right hand might slow down my typing...oh, let's just say a whole lot!!!

I find this all hysterical because when I was an Art Director I hired a typesetter who could do 93 wpm!! Yes. Utterly amazing!!! But I digress...as usual.

I had a post all set in my mind but when it came to inputting it, good grief, took forever! Then I tried to photograph my right finger so you could see how swollen it was (what a thrill). It seems all the cameras I own are made for right handed people.

Try as I might to take pic of my middle stiff, I couldn't, so you'll have to take my word for it. Anyhow, this post is to tell you I'm sorry for the continued delay. I have a post already for tomorrow (if I can get the photos taken) so I hope you'll continue to be patient and "tune in".

Did you look at the moon tonight? It's full and gorgeous!



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