"Super Humidity?" Post

No rain last night and I noticed the weather prognosticators have altered their predictions to a 90% chance this morning. The ground did get a bit wet here and there...gosh, I don't know what to call it! It wasn't just mist but not enough to actually be described as drizzle. Maybe you could call it "super humidy"; a step or two above 100% humidity?

The sun peeked out for a split second and I ran to grab my camera determined to photograph the tomatoes, but in the few seconds it took, all hope of sunlight vanished behind the white-gray clouds.

That's it for today's blurb. Keep you fingers crossed for tomorrow's sun so I can take some photos.

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Blogger Joanne said...

It was supposed to SNOW yesterday and all we got some kind of wet dust falling from the sky...too small to really be snow but enough to be annoying.

2/9/12, 5:16 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Eek, snow. Sounds like ours, only 40 degrees difference! Actually it probably wouldn't even qualify as slush as I recall. Isn't it frustrating when "weather" doesn't deliver as predicted? Today is sunny like I'd hoped. Wishing you sunshine soon!

2/9/12, 1:33 PM  

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