Crazy Weather Post

I'm starting to feel like a Farmer's Almanac with all this weather talk. Saturday, it hit 90F (32.2C) where I live (way too early for that). Today it's predicted to reach a high of 58F (14.4C). Every blogger I read has mentioned the crazy weather this winter. The plants and trees are totally confused. For example, the avocado in back is covered with flower buds which will probably be killed off by tonight's almost freezing temperatures. Hopefully not since 39F (3.8C) is predicted.

My neighbor's peach tree is blooming. Lovely pink buds and flowers which will probably die tonight. And it seems I'm destined not to have any green tomatoes for canning!

A little earlier, I returned from a brief grocery run and it was still light. The days are obviously getting longer. After resting the knee for a while I went outside to fetch the ripe tomatoes before the roof/orchard rats found them. They love ripe fruit and veggies.

Thought that there were four, so I almost fell over when I picked eight! Plus, from a glance under the foliage,  there's at least six or more in various stages of ripening as well as more green ones. Not to mention that the silly plant is still flowering! I've actually lost track of how many I've picked in the last two weeks!

This is very rare for March which is when I usually give up, rip the plant out and chuck it with the green tomatoes into the green waste can. Today and tonight's weather will be a challenge for it. If the plant gets through today and the night, future weather is supposedly supposed to warm back up.

Surprisingly, the tomatoes that have ripened in this cooler weather (if one can call this winter cooler) are much tastier than those picked during the height of summer. Kind of the opposite of what one would expect since summer fruits are usually the most flavorful! Either that or I just really want summer-tasting tomatoes!

Oh, by the way, Day Light Savings Time starts Sunday, March 11 at two a.m. this year! Barely four days away. Yay!

See? A flaming Farmer's Almanac! Lol!

P.S. I'll have a photo of the tomatoes I picked tomorrow, it's too dark to photograph them now and they look so-so under incandescent light.

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