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Since the gardeners come this afternoon, I thought I'd better get outside and pick ripe tomatoes so they don't poach those like the avocados last time. Since you've had plenty tomato-y photos, I'm not going to bore you with yet another photo, suffice it to say, I picked six more!

It may be slowing down a bit due to the branches trying to re-root to make more plants...yikes! The avocado tree on the other hand is flowering like mad! All the avocado trees in the area, look almost like they're covered with snow, there are so many blossoms. Here's a shot or two of mine.

While out back, I noticed the Queen Palm is quite a happy little (actually large) camper, shooting out flower sprays right and left! These are then bursting open to reveal millions (okay, maybe not millions, but lots) of seeds which will self-sow quite readily.

On lower left, an old flower spike. On right one just opened.

Two flower spikes with lots of seeds.
Surprising since it gets no fertilizer. It does get all day sun though, so that must be the key!

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