Teacup Poodles

Once again I was drifting down the lane of memories before falling asleep and I thought of my recent visit to the humane society looking for a companion.  Suddenly an image from so long ago popped to mind….teacup poodles.  As kids, we loved comic books:  Archie, Superman, Wonderwoman and on the inside back cover were ads.  One was a full-page ad for “teacup Poodles” literally showing a tiny poodle in a teacup!  What child could resist that?  Now who knows how big the teacup was that they photographed the poodle in?  There may not have been Photoshop but advertising people still had plenty of tricks up their sleeves even without computers. Our mother, of course, was a non-pet person for reasons that require another story, so the answer was “no” but I still remember looking at the picture in each issue for quite a while.  I don’t think it was so much for the kind of dog, but for the dog itself and that it was so tiny and sweet looking.  It always made me sad.  Looking back I wonder if anyone ever purchased one and what the assorted results were?



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