4th Anniversary of Hell

It’s so amazing to me how utterly insensitive renters can be.  I work out of my rented house and my view of the outdoors is limited but at least I can see the comings and goings of people on and across the street. It’s always lined with parked cars since none of the “2-on-a-lot” rental properties that comprise this section of town have any garages (I have one of the few).  The view is always changing with people and cars coming and going all day long.  So along comes this toad of a guy who must work the third shift and gets “home” about noon.  This jerk doesn’t even live on this block or street but parks his big white utility truck with ladders on top in front of my house.  Once he’s back to his rental, he’s there for anywhere from 1 to 4 days.  Luckily, until today he hasn’t totally blocked my view or my driveway…till today.  It’s very hot here today (has been for the last 3 days) and so I’m assuming he wanted his truck in maximum shade.  The front yard of this rental is home to a HUGE Live Oak that offers incredible shade.  The problem is, he has totally eclipsed my view of anything but his big honking truck (the thing has to be at least 9 feet tall) and it’s what I’ll probably get to see for the whole weekend.  He doesn’t even live near where he parked!  He lives somewhere across and down the street and over on the other side of the next block!  Normally I try not to wish ill on people because karmically I don’t think it’s a good thing.  But today is different.  Having lived in this rental house for 4 years now, you’d think I’d be immune to such annoyances.  In fact the level of my anger at this idiot even surprised me!

Let’s see, could it be because of yesterday?  Why yes, I bet that could be it!  After emailing and voice mailing my lawyer’s secretary, Jen for over a week, asking if the counter offer had been accepted since the 45 days my idiot lawyer said we should give them had passed, I finally got an email from her.  Turns out the lawyer working on the other side, quit the firm!  This was the lawyer they hired when one of the partners became too ill to work.  So no one’s been doing anything and had I not kept on Jen, the other side most likely wouldn’t have disclosed this little tidbit for as long as possible! As I told Jen, it really makes me question the ethics of the other firm and the judicial system in general.

If you figure Jen spoke to the other side on July 29 (see my entry for that day which is a whole other muddle) and we didn’t hear anything till yesterday about the lawyer quiting…that’s 21+ days that have been wasted.  In a follow up email to me, Jen said she was sorry but that this was  “unfortunately going to take some time (for the other side) to adjust and get back in the spin of things”.  I have never worked in a business that had so many excuses for delaying things!  No wonder this country is so pathetic…all the politicians are lawyers who (I swear) live to delay things!

So if you’re watching a TV show about lawyers, and you see a lot getting done and everyone looking really brilliant and so on, remember…it IS. ONLY. TV.  Nothing even remotely like it happens in real life.  It’s all a fairytale.

What’s even more annoying is that today officially marks the start of YEAR NUMBER FIVE of this divorce.  Four years ago today doltoid was served divorce papers at an airport upon his arrival “home”.



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