Wag the Dog

Talked to my lawyer today.  We could go to court but it would serve no purpose.  The judge is essentially useless until you actually say this is a trial. I just don't get it. Since doltoid holds all the cards (money) we have no leverage.  This entire divorce is a joke, it's totally manufactured by doltoid.  Reminds me of the movie "Wag the Dog".  Sort of a parallel manufactured "war".  I liked the movie better than the real-life version.

My lawyer sent his lawyer a one-sentence letter that said essentially  "Hello??? We need an answer to our counter-offer".  I told the appointment person to make a new court date ASAP to "go to trial" so I can get this over!!!  I should write a self-help site but odds are a billion ambulance chasers would sue.  I have to stop I just can't write any more about this and must change the subject or start screaming at the top of my lungs.  The doglet is a very good thing for getting me out of holes like this.

Still no name for my doglet.  I've toyed with: Blue, Dillon/Dylan, Flannigan, Finnegan, Parker, Buttons, MacKenna, Casey and now I'm playing with Moochi, Whistler (he responds well to a whistle), Cassidy, Sundance, Bloomsberry and Michele (shell). I have no clue.  Nothing sticks like in the past.  I even tried “red fox” with Babel Fish in an assortment of languages!  Nothing seems to work.  Poor dog.



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