Life is a horrible beast.  It mauls you and leaves you alive...but dead…to life itself.  Numbness is all that exists for you.  I can't believe that this divorce is so royally goofed up (saying one word but thinking another)!  I mean, Tiger and Elin are already divorced!  Not even a year!!!  Me?  Year FIVE.  I cannot believe it.

Do you like the photo?  I think it has a kind of a "House on the Haunted Hill" look to it which sort of fits my mood today.  I still remember my dad taking us to see that movie.  My brother and I were in grade school.  Dad chose the movie.  When it was shown in 1959, the theaters rigged up a ghost on a wire that "flew" down from the screen top towards the audience at the end of the movie.  Fortunately, my mother caught wind of this and removed us to the lobby before we saw that.  At the time, we were both annoyed having to miss the end of the movie.  As it was for 2 years afterwards, neither my brother nor I could fall asleep in the dark without a nightlight in our rooms!  I'll never forget the thick rope coming in through the barred windows of the mansion and twining around....screeeeaammmm!!!!!!  

Funny...neither of us has any desire to see scary movies to this day! 
Found this on Wikipedia.  Hopefully it's okay to use this poster after all these years.  I just thought it was fun to see "gruesome" in 1959 vs. what we have today.  Oh, and I totally forgot Vincent Price was in it!



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