More Things No One Tells You...

I've come to the conclusion that a lawyer does not read  much of what you give them.  Ok, maybe they do, but I find myself having to reiterate what I've already turned in more often than not.  The discovery clerks read whatever you and the opposite side submit looking for errors and omissions on everyone's part and then they inform the lawyer who zips off a legalese letter to the other lawyer.  If nothing is found wanting, then the clerk tells the lawyer that everything has been accounted for, but I'd swear the lawyer does not read a thing you wrote in any depth.  

Sounds utterly astounding, I know, but I'm living proof!  In the last 4+ years I have submitted answers and documentation to the other side's Special Interrogatories and Demands for Production of Documents, the last set of these had 75 multiple answer questions, all which required documentation and many were repeats of previous rounds.  I typed and copied reams of responses and documents that each time seemed to fill at least one bank box.  I have put together agendas for meetings with my lawyer, only to arrive and have him tell me to tell him what I wrote!  Maybe it's some beneficial technique they use, I have no idea.

Currently, I’ve discovered that the new lawyer for doltoid merely took paperwork the previous lawyer put together without really looking at any documentation I supplied, and worked up a new settlement from that information.  Sadly, the information used was a conglomeration of old and new facts and figures skewed to make me look like the vilest, crookedest, most calculating wife on the planet (of course, that is their job I guess).  If they had looked at any of my paperwork, a very different picture would have been painted.  Four years and many trees wasted. 

I’m also now convinced that doltoid has repeatedly told so many lies to make himself look good over the last 4 years that he now actually believes them.  It’s amazing how delusional a person can become.



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