Last night came and went and I don't think it got below 80F!  Eeek!  Top that off with a cloud bank arriving to hold in the heat and you have another potential inferno to look forward to.  My window AC came on at 9 AM!  That's how bad it is.  But it seems the universe took pity on us and it's only predicted to be 100 today (vs. 110 that was predicted yesterday) with a low of 67.  Right now it's 94.5F but with enough humidity (28%) to make it feel like over 100!  Ick.  Still it is a bit of mercy.

And yes, I know this is riveting reading.  But we get so little in the way of weather, that when something unusual hits, it's the talk of the town, literally!  Yesterday I had to run a couple of errands and in each store I walked into I was asked by an employee, "how hot is it out there" or something to that effect.  I thought the drops of perspiration rolling down my temples and sopping wet hair at the nape of my neck would have given it away, guess not.

The weather announcers on TV last night were in heaven predicting more deadly heat and warning about forest fires.  As I sit here writing this, I've heard over 5 sirens roll down my street and off into the distance, so I'm guessing that there might be one spotted in the hills.  I don't want to stick my head out the door to look though, too hot.  Hopefully it's just an odd coincidence and not a wild fire.  The street I live on gets all the ambulance, fire and police traffic because there are 4-way stop signs all the way, so it's safer for them.  

Mr. Blue is pretty knocked out, preferring to sleep his way through the heat.  On Sunday we did play ball and then since it was warm, we had a bit of water chase which he loves.  It starts with me trying to water the potted plants and he begins to go nuts.  So I have to water first to the far right, then to the far left and back and forth as he chases after the water.  If I linger too long on a plant he'll try to jump onto the pot to "attack" and bite the water or if I manage to elude him, he gets so frustrated that he'll grab one of the long cymbidium leaves and drag it off and out of it's pot!  Oh, and the sound effects during this are hysterical...small, little shrieks and whimpers that crescendo to a piercingly shrill "baaaaaarrrrrkkk"!  I hope to get some pics of this because it is so funny, but until I grow a 3rd arm, it's pretty tough.  I'm also afraid, I'd wind up spraying my camera with water by mistake!

This is Blue sleeping on my Christmas projects in baggies.  Does not look like it would be comfortable!

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