Dante's Inferno

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.  This summer has been remarkably sweet.  None of this climbing into the triple digits starting in June.  In fact, until last Thursday we've only had a few high 90's days!  Everyone has whispered about this marvel because they don't want the universe to get wind of it and suddenly turn up the heat.  As I said, until last Thursday...one of the women in the craft group piped up with "this has been the coolest summer on record!"  Sure enough a warming trend started the next day.

Today, my thermometer read 117F before noon.  By the end of the day, LA had set a record...113F.  I'm glad I didn't look at my thermometer for the rest of the day because the area I live in is normally 10 to 20 degrees higher than LA proper!  Window A/C units had their work cut out for them.  Tomorrow's supposed to be even hotter!  What made this hissy fit of weather so bad is the greater than normal amount of humidity in the air.

I've been in 120 degrees with maybe 7% humidity and it wasn't as bad as this!  I think the humidity was in the 20's which makes a HUGE difference in this kind of heat.  The news reported power outages already.  I may be living in my bathtub if the power goes out here.  Of course, I'll have to run out and buy ice since the freezer in the refrigerator here has no shelves for ice cube trays.

Poor Blue shifts his position to a new "cooler" spot on the hardwood floor about every 10 minutes!



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