Autumn Plans

It's cold here today!  I had to put on long pants and a sweatshirt!  Blue is staying in his little den under my desk.  High today is 69F and it's overcast.  Makes me want to slip back into bed under a big fluffy comforter.  Supposedly it's supposed to start warming up.  I really hope not, I had plans for making chicken stew and dumplings on Friday.  MmmmMmmm!  The autumnal equinox is tomorrow.  I love fall and spring in Southern California...most of the time.  There have been years where it's stayed hot straight through September and October!  Hard to get in the mood for Halloween and Thanksgiving when it's in the 90's or higher.  When it's that hot, the amount of effort that goes into costumes for kids really declines and they weren't that great to begin with.

I remember my mother making so many costumes through the years.  My brother was Dracula with a full floor length, black cape lined in red.  I was a princess in 6th grade in a lime green dress with triangular sleeves trimmed in gold rick-rack (they flared out as they reached the wrist) and purple vest also trimmed in gold rick-rack with a peplum.  My hat was a pointed cone shaped headdress that had a long silk scarf flowing out from the point.  I loved wearing that costume!  Those were the days where it was safe to trick or treat at night and after a certain age you could go with friends and no parents.  But then, I'm giving away my age again.

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