Merry Christmas 2010!

My landlord gave me a great present yesterday...a brand new water heater!! He's out of town, visiting family. After four different repairmen tried over three days to fix the other heater (which was only 4 to 5 years old), I think he decided to cut his losses. As soon as the water was heated, I was in the shower. You really don't appreciate things until you loose them. Something so simple, hot water and yet I'm sure that's the least of many people's worries on the earth this Christmas. Hoping the season finds you graced with good fortune, peace and happiness!!

P.S. Will have some photos tomorrow I hope!

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Anonymous Andrea said...

Merry Christmas Christine! I hope you are drying out. We are keeping an eye on the creek and dealing with housebound critters too. Belle (the cat) keeps looking at us accusingly, like we are somehow responsible for the rain.

12/26/10, 10:58 AM  

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