So Far...Birdless & Pictureless

I woke up this a.m. to the shocking realization that this is Christmas week! I don't have one more week to go! Eek! Once again I'm going to invoke my magic powers that extend any holiday or birthday 30 days out before and after the actual date. It will make life much saner for all concerned! Trust me on this.

Remember my post of 11/5 where I was commenting on the number of cheap turkeys available two weeks before Thanksgiving? Well, here we are and there's nothing in the food ads about any turkey savings to be had. Go figure. I don't understand. Where did they all go? Were they all sold at Thanksgiving and now we have a deficiet of turkeys for Christmas? I know a lot of people have ham for the holidays. So far, other than a Honey Baked ham (which is way too pricey for my pocket), most hams I've ever purchased are too salty for my tastes. It's not worth the trade-off for the spike in blood pressure that accompanies them.

And so, I hunt for the elusive bird. I can't recall a Christmas when turkeys were so scarce! I should clarify that statement, "turkeys on sale were so scarce". I can find a turkey but I don't want to pay $1.49/lb. and up! I thought of going back to the roaster chicken I'd planned on for Thanksgiving but they've gone up to $1.69/lb.

As far as our weather goes, it's STILL raining. The ground has stopped soaking up the water and now it sits in pools on the lawns and walkways. Why didn't I buy those rain boots at Marshall's? Probably because I believed what I read about this supposedly being a La Nina winter which are dry winters for the Southwest. Well, that and the fact they cost $30.

The nearby ski resorts in the upper mountains received over 60 feet of snow! Here is a quote about just how record setting this rain has been:  "Rainfall records weren't just broken, they were obliterated. The weather service said 3.45 inches of rain fell in Pasadena on Sunday, shattering the old mark of 1.5 inches on the same date in 1987." 

So far this is looking far more like an El Nino winter. With the ground so saturated now is about the time when mudslides begin in the hills that were hit earlier in the year with fires. It makes me so glad I live in a flat area with a bit of elevation so, other than the puddles here and there, all the water just runs by us.

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