The Best Laid Plans...

Yesterday I posted that I'd be out in the garden today if the nice weather held. It didn't. It's in the low 60's (15.5 C or less) and drizzling. A "storm" front moved in faster than predicted on Monday, so no pictures. You have to love those weather predictors; I swear it's a total guessing game on their part. The rain (drizzle) is supposed to continue for the next week. Ick. Whilst surfing the internet, I ran across this site which had this entry called Overcast Skies, Color Inspiration. I love it. It totally changes the gloominess of a gray day!

Since the garden's sat like it is for quite a few months, having to sit like that a little longer really won't matter. Meanwhile, the holidays may come and go and the gifts won't make themselves.

Also in an effort to simplify my life and reduce excess "stuff" I've been going through my knitting/crochet  book collection and decided I don't need every book ever written on knitting/crochet, so I'll be putting the items up for sale here once I photograph them.

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