The Wonders We Take for Granted

Things have (knock on wood) been fairly copacetic lately if you don't count the two divorce court disappointments. This rental house which was built in the 1950's, has been holding it's own more or less for quite a while now so I guess it's time for a problem to surface. I thought for sure it would be the growing "almost" leak in the bedroom ceiling. Water is filling up behind the "skin" of paint so I'm just crossing my fingers that it holds through this storm (more knocking on wood).

Yesterday morning, I heated some leftovers for breakfast/lunch (can't really call reheated leftovers brunch). Afterwards I turned on the hot water to soak the saucepan till I did the dishes in the evening. Later in the day, I noticed that it took longer and longer to get any hot tap water. Then about 9 p.m. when I tried to fill the sink with hot water and it seemed to get warm and then it started to cool.

After a few more attempts to get the faucet to yield hot water, I went outside to look at the water heater in its closet. Of course that's like me taking a look inside the engine of a race car to figure out why it's making a pinging noise...pretty much useless. So I called the property manager at 10 p.m. and told her. I'm so glad I'm not a property manager, can you imagine getting calls at all hours of the day and night about problems?

When I first moved in, the water heater was not cooperating. It took over two months and two new hot water heaters before the problem was stabilized. At least it was still pretty hot weather-wise back then, so a cold shower wasn't totally breath-taking. At this time of year, it's another story. Brrrrrr! I hope the guys  show up early because it's going to take a while for the water to heat up, especially since the water heater is outside and not in the garage as in most houses.

Written a bit later:  Eric the owner showed up at 10:30 a.m., because he couldn't get hold of any of his handymen. The pilot light was definitely out. He played around with the switch and finally got it going. About 15 minutes later there were signs of hot water! So here I sit finishing my early morning post while I wait for the tank of water to heat up. It's really amazing how much we take for granted in this life. Hot water out of the faucet is just a given. That is, until it's taken away and then you realize just how magically wonderful it is to be able to reach in the shower and turn on the hot water, knowing that in a minute or so, you'll enjoy the luxury of a warm, cleansing shower. It's a modern miracle!



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