Sunny Days

As I mentioned earlier, after Frost died I let my potted garden take care of itself and as a result, most things died, rotted or fell apart. Since the temperatures are supposedly going to stay in the low 80's F (26.7C), I'm going to do a bit of clean up. I really miss having fresh herbs right outside my back door for cooking as well as a few flowers.

The area where I planted nasturtiums in the past, which was amongst the tomatoes, must have a bug living in the soil or something because the last two times I planted nasturtiums, they were doing really well and suddenly the leaves were covered with black specs and the plants stopped flowering. Pulling them up was a very sticky task.
Just after a light rain and before the bugs hit.
As a result, I have to find something else to plant in my tiny plot. Same thing for the tomatoes next spring. Green horned tomato worms hibernate in the soil and come up just in time for the tomatoes to start fruiting. So I have to find some plants not related to the tomato and nasturtium families. Not sure what it'll be.

If the weather holds, I'll snap some "before" pics so you can see just how pitiful the potted plant area looks. It's really sad. Luckily spring comes in just a few months (as in March) so once all the dead stuff is cleared out, pots cleaned and holding new potting soil, it'll just be a matter of a few months.



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