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Chocolate is an amazing thing. Did you know it has over 600 flavor compounds vs. red wine's 200? I know this because I found the most amazing article on "an ancient strain of cacao native to the Bolivian Amazon—i.e., wild cacao, au naturel, unmolested by millennia of botanical tinkering". It's really a fascinating story. The author is a an individual who experienced "chocolate enlightenment" and followed his interest into the Amazon jungles. It's quite a remarkable tale. I won't say anymore because you really should read it. Sent the article to a friend who commented that it was super interesting but long and that she is now on a hunt for this chocolate that's called Cru Savage.

No affiliation, just fascinated once again by the world we live in. If my friend finds a source, I'll publish it in a future post, unless she decides to keep her find all to herself! LOL!

Oh, and don't forget to participate in the guessing game about the cost of celery!

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