Long Time, No See

I've been absent for a few days due to a small but painful mishap. Normally I wouldn't go into it but the result is so hysterically remarkable I had to share. Be forewarned and envision Robert De Niro's Raging Bull movie poster only I've got it all in one eye.

It all started with Blue. He likes playing with the fringe on the bedroom rug every now and then leaves the corner flipped up. I'm walking innocently along, my arms loaded with laundry to fold on the bed, so I don't see what's coming up. Suddenly bam! My head/face hit(s) the hardwood floor and the top of my head smashes into a chest. Of course as I went down I tried to keep the clean laundry from hitting the floor, like a ding-dong, so wound up smushing the right wrist. Also have a nice case of whiplash in the neck since it was all sort of a big old head dive. On the bright side, at least it wasn't cement.

I have to say De Niro has nothing on this. And so, with no further ado...tah dah....
Attractive and colorful, no?

I can see that I'm going to be house-bound till the swelling in my left eye goes down and I can open my eye. Not to mention I can't turn a doorknob with my right hand. So I've pretty much stayed in bed with my friend the "ice". I could go on whining but you've got the idea.

Have you ever noticed how these mishaps always occur just as we begin a long weekend? I'd love to know why that is. If the dog's going to get sick or a child come down with something it seems it inevitably happens late Friday or so. Am I just imagining this?

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