Slipper Thief

Remember when I first brought my dear little Corgi, Blue home and the story of the vanishing slippers? Well, he has continued with his penchant for them especially since I received a fuzzy pair of slippers for Christmas from my brother!  But I finally caught him in the act!

Blue aka The Slipper Thief
This is the first time I've had my camera in hand when I caught him absconding with one and cornered him by the front door for a photo. I've woken up in the morning to find them in his bed with him or abandoned in another room. Not sure how to take this. Is he going to chew them? Does he think they're stuffed toys? Can't quite figure it out. So far he hasn't done any damage to them (she says as she crosses her fingers for luck). What's really funny is that I can't be mad at him, 'cause he's just so darned cute! The little devil!



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