Palm Trees and Clouds

Haven't posted for a few days because the weather and I can't seem to get in sync or should I say the sun and I can't. I have several things I want to show you but after trying with indoor lighting, I have to say I really DO need to read my camera manual so I can use the less automatic settings. So for the moment they'll have to be taken outdoors.

I've been into photography since I was little. Back in high school I was both the school newspaper and year book photographer. In an all girl school it was arty not geeky. Since everyone had to wear those gawd-awful uniforms (today's uniforms are glamorous by comparison) it kind of leveled the playing field in clique vs. what today would be geeky. Being the school's photographer had a sort of prestige to it that just made you kinda special. You could be walking around school during study hall without a pass and no on said anything, 'cause you're out taking pics for the year book or going to develop film in the darkroom! It put you on a different level than the non-photo geeks.

My, that was a little tangent wasn't it?! My point being:  I continued to love photography and study it all through college to the point I became allergic (contact dermatitis of the hands) to the fixative in the dark room senior year. So I know all about F-stops and ASA's but that's totally "old school". I have to convert that knowledge into the language of the digital beast. I know my camera can do the same thing my film SLR camera can (minus the luxury of SLR) but all the little icons make me nuts!! Anyone else feel that way? It's very frustrating. Kind of like learning an new language, which may be easier. LOL! Ok, maybe not.

Anyhow, I will be posting some pics soon I promise, but in the interim how about a nice sky?
"Palm trees waving and blowing clouds"

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