A few days ago I posted an errata to my Fast and Easy Beef Teriyaki and said I'd post my Mediterranean Pasta Sauce recipe to make up for the boo-boo. It took more than a few days though because I really wanted to photograph it for you. At the time I had a full fridge from my friend taking me grocery shopping since I still had a very swollen eye. So, I will be delaying that recipe and talking about what I made from the grocery run.

First, there was the raw steak on rye, with sea salt and onions for two dinners. Then came the boneless, skinless chicken breasts that I baked with a different topping on each. I used my Herbes de Provence mix on one, sea salt on another, my LA/LA seasoning on the third and McCormick's poultry seasoning on the fourth. I ate one and froze the other three writing in large letters freezer date, item and use by date on the foil wrappers.

The rotisserie chicken I've stripped and am going to make Wine Country chicken salad with it now that I have the exact ingredients. Then I'm taking the carcass and putting it in my Dutch oven to make stock.

I know...I'm just fascinating and this is rapidly becoming a food blog. Sometimes you just have to roll with it.



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