Second Try

Blogger has suddenly become a real nuisance! This is the second time I've written a post, added pictures and when I go to add a caption, blogger moves the picture. I delete the picture and it removes part of the post too! If I repeat this a few times, suddenly my day's entry is reduced from 4 paragraphs to one, regardless of how often I hit "save now"...stupid program.

So the gist of today's post was this:
The weather prognosticators were actually right...well, kind of. They predicted rain, first on Thursday, then pushed it out to Friday and finally, today, Sunday, it rained. We even had some thunder rolling along the foothills!
 As a result, Blue freaked out, running about the house barking in search of the thunderous beast. I tried to calm him down, but he was over the top and has now wedged himself between my feet as I write this. Poor little guy. I'm thinking that this is why I found him at the pound at the beginning of July last year. Fireworks probably wigged him out and somehow he got loose. But I'll never know for sure.

Between this and the many assorted helicopters that inhabit LA, he gets his share at barking at the flying sky beasts. Hopefully I can get him desensitized a bit before the next fourth of July or I may wind up spending the holiday with Blue on my lap!!

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