Hot and Cold

I started writing this on 4/16/11:
After all my whining here on this little blog about how cold and gloomy it's been and how I'd like a little sun, the universe got carried away and responded with 90+F (32.5C)! Even though Angelenos are weather weaklings, jumping 20 to 30 degrees in a day or two is just obscene. Where did spring go??? Supposedly it's going down 8 or so degrees by tomorrow and will be 68F (30C) the following day. How crazy is that?

After months of stepping out of the morning shower shivering, I actually had to turn the water to cold, in order to cool down! Mr. Blue wants nothing to do with his pillows or blankets, but is stretching out on the hardwood and tile floors.

Of course, silly me didn't take advantage of the weather while it was cool to dust off the ceiling fans and clean the window air conditioners and their filters, so I don't dare turn them on. I'd be breathing 6 months of dust. Guess what I'll be doing the first cool day this coming week.

I also have to get out back and refresh my pot garden as I said I was going to. Then off to Home Depot, etc. to get herbs in little plastic containers. I'll also be going through my stash of seeds, some of which are over 5 years old!

Continued on 4/18/11:
Roller coaster weather...it's now in the 60'sF (15.5C) and drizzling! How's that for an about-face in the weather?

I'd planned to photograph my assorted seed packs today and then contemplate what to add to the mix as well as what to replace due to age. Oh, don't get me wrong, I never throw seeds away, I just intermix them with newer ones and let nature do what it wants with them. Just a few viable though old seeds could be housing a potential salad!

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