Have you noticed (or is it just me?) that in March and now following into April, most bloggers in general seem to post less often than the rest of the year? I myself have noticed it and must say I am guilty of this. I've been absent and I can't quite put my finger on it. Bloggers seem to be a sort of representation of people in general. It seems there's an energy that has left. Has winter over-stayed its welcome and spring taking too long to arrive?

Or is it just the last few years and this economy? Is there nothing for people to write about since gardening hasn't really begun, or if you live in a climate such as So Cal, you're just not in the mood. Too much weighing on the brain? Too tired from the economic and political climate? Just when the pundits start spouting how the economy is turning around for the better, some report is released or natural disaster hits and it all goes back to hades in a hand basket. It just seems that we're all in a holding pattern and I don't know why. At best, it seems we take one step forward and then we're pushed two steps back. Thus, no real forward motion.

I sometimes think of people like little orbs of light with slender glowing wisps extending outward in a gentle floating manner. The happier people are, the stronger and further these tendrils extend. Those who might be brushed by this illumination in passing are touched in a positive way though they may never actually know it. For the last year, and probably longer, it seems these little glimmering threads have withdrawn into each orb and the golden glow of the little spheres has diminished. In some parts of the world, the globes have a fiery red glow, hot and painful to the touch. In other areas, orbs emit only a dim grayish light with little energy.

Well, that's my pontificating on a whole lot of nothing for the day. Embrace and enjoy any happiness you may find, no matter how small or insignificant...it's the MOST important thing.

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