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Yeah, once again I'm WIDE AWAKE! I just detest this. To add to that, the temperature tonight is about 40F (4.444C) which for Southern California is quite cold. If I haven't mentioned this before, very, very, very few houses/buildings in So Cal are insulated. Yes, of late, they're built to earthquake standards (such as they are/were prior to the recent EQ in Japan). But insulation? No. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Having lived in the northern Midwest and northern New York, I know what the difference is and it's not pleasant or economical, but try to convince your landlord of this. So tonight I have a fleece blanket, a quilt and another quilt piled upon the bed in hopes of sleeping (note:  beta blockers which I take for high blood pressure {just ask me about the 5 year long divorce and the toll it's taken} slow down the heart and therefore circulation, meaning that my feet and hands get very cold at night). I will be wearing wool socks, a hat I knit as well as a set of fingerless gloves that are a true life saver in the sense of being able to fall asleep.

As I write this, I feel guilty for my feelings since so very, very many people are trying to sleep with so much less. I am lost at how to help. I am so close, due to the divorce, to living in my 11 year old car and not a house of any form, that I can't even think. I will loose my ability to pay for health insurance and therefore will not be able to renew my prescriptions at the end of this month. So my hypothyroidism will put me to sleep and my blood pressure will skyrocket and my depression will no longer be at arm's length. What fun. (Note:  that was sarcasm.)

Fortunately, while I still have electricity and the internet, I checked one of my favorite blogs and she had several links. One stood out and took me by the hand and I listened to it over and over and finally found sleep. More on the history behind the songwriter tomorrow.

The way that things, experiences and events circle about us and in our lives is utterly astounding to me. As the saying goes, "what goes around, comes around"...in so very many ways. It restores my faith in the plan above the plan.

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