This morning was lovely, cold but lovely with big puffy white clouds floating about in the sunshine. So I think I'll make tacos or enchiladas for din-din. Yesterday was quite dark and rainy, not to mention cold too, so I was thinking that today may be the day to make lasagna. But that's not going to happen, especially since I haven't had tacos, etc. in so long! I even bought a small can of Salsa Verde. This will be a first for me since I never toy with any "hot" seasonings. I'm hoping this will be more flavor than heat.

It's just as well that I decided on Mexican, because when researching a recipe for good old-fashioned lasagne, I faced a deluge of lasagnas! So many with veggies and Italian sausages which is not what I wanted! Do you have ANY idea of how many variations there are? Zillions! You really have NO idea how hard it is to find a classic lasagna recipe! Help...I need my 1960's Betty Crocker Cookbook!!!

With so many of then all about the veggies and low fat substitutions! I don't know about you, but if I want to save calories, I'll just eat a lean piece of chicken or fish with a veggie.

Anyhow, back to the tacos or enchiladas or maybe burritos. This is not authentic Mexican cooking by the way, it's Americanized with a Midwestern streak that involves Lawry's flavoring mix. LOL! As I've said in previous posts, growing up in the Midwest, my palate was never acclimatized to hot and spicy foods that involve the pepper family. Why spicy Indian curries don't bother me, I'll never know. But with the pepper family, I show great respect and keep it mild.

The main reason I'm sharing this meandering kitchen chatter with you, is because I found a wonderful way to heat up both flour and corn tortillas so they don't dry out. Everyone probably knows this, but just in case not, I'll share. First, I get all the chopping done and put in little bowls for a build your own taco bar which is kind of silly since there's just me now, but some habits die hard.

So the tomatoes, iceberg or romaine and onions are all chopped. Then the cheese (I usually use Monterey Jack because of its nice "melty" qualities) is grated. Sour cream dished so it can come to room temperature. Meat sauteed and spice mix added per directions on the package. Last you get the tortillas ready. I tear up a bunch of individual sheets of paper towels.

Get a large microwave-able plate and spray water bottle. Sometimes I just resort to using my hand and fingers as the sprinkler of water onto the paper towels. You want them fairly damp but not wet. Put one paper towel on the plate then a tortilla, then 2 paper towels followed by a tortilla and 2 more damp paper towels (if they dry out, sprinkle with more water) and so on, until you have the number of tortillas you'll need. Top with 2 damp paper towels and put in the microwave on high for 10 seconds. Check to see if they're hot, be careful of the hot steam. If they need more warming proceed at five second intervals, always exercising care with hot items. Remove all paper towels carefully, they can sometimes stick to the tortilla if heated a little too long.  Return the ones you're not going to use immediately to the plate and place back in micro to just keep warm. Now you're set to eat. I put the cheese on first, then the meat sauce (to melt the cheese a bit), onions, sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes.

For leftovers, I take squares of plastic wrap and place tortilla in center, then cheese, then meat mixture followed by onions. I use the plastic wrap to help roll them into tight little bundles, wrap all in foil and refrigerate. To warm up, just take out of the foil, place on plate, poke holes in plastic wrap to let steam escape and give the a few quick zaps in the microwave. Use a tongs and potholder to remove the plastic wrap. Gently open and apply room temperature sour cream, lettuce and tomatoes. You're all set with another dinner on the table!

Okay, so fast forward to late afternoon and give the weather a few hours...poof! We're looking at cloudy and gloomy with rain in site, so I may have to decide on a lasagna recipe after all. Maybe I'll just make enchiladas for tonight and lasagna for tomorrow. That way I'm only using the oven once (well, other than for reheating).

I get a lot of people from all over the world viewing this little blog and I'm wondering if what I write is interesting to people. I don't get many comments from viewers, so I really wonder if what I blather about is all that interesting to people or not? What would you like to see or hear more of or about? I'd love to know. Should I monetize the blog? Sell things on it? Any ideas? Otherwise it's kind of like living in my own little vacuum. I'd welcome any constructive comments or just pop in and say "hi!"  :)



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