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Just the other day I commented on someone's blog who was having a lot of problems with Blogger and spacing, that I (knock on wood) had been quite lucky. Twice with spacing between paragraphs and once with captions causing photos to move and paragraphs vanish. Does Blogger have a secret bug that allows it to monitor comments about it? If they're the least bit negative, it then launches an attack of problems on that blog. Just kidding (I hope). But it came to mind since the next time I went to do something in Blogger (yesterday), I was greeted with a very slow and uncooperative program.

The above has nothing to do with what I wanted to let you know about today, it was just one of those random thoughts that float into one's brain. A while back I shared with you a site that showed how to construct a light box for photographing smallish things, like you'd use on Etsy. Well, over at Under a Blue Moon, Andrea Paulin listed a site in her Friday Favorites. This is just as inexpensive and maybe even easier. It's written by a professional photographer in NYC. Having worked as an art director in advertising for 18 years in LA, I know all the things that the photographer uses in product shots and he's taken all the elements needed, making a super easy "how to" including pictures.
Friday Favorites from Andrea Paulin's blog "Under a Blue Moon"
While you're visiting Andrea's blog, be sure to go back and check other Friday Favorites...love the reds and neutrals in this one! And I just checked in on her blog today and though she normally doesn't post on Saturdays, she showed off the cutest Easter treats for her nieces and nephews! They're just adorable and so easy! Very vintage looking too!

Thanks Andrea, for letting me use your images and links! I hope everyone will check out your blog. Well, I'm off now, time to hard-boil some eggs. No, probably won't color them, but I love hard-boiled eggs (heck, I love eggs of any sort, much to the dismay of my cholesterol numbers) and Easter's a perfect excuse! Happy Bunny Day!!

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