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Some days I just don't feel like writing about anything in life; like today. My flaming lawyer is just dragging this settlement out and I can't afford it mentally or wallet-wise. I say take "this" out, which he does and then he adds "that". I can't even go any further with this thread. My day was totally blown by it and the amount of time lost so I just escaped into blog-land. Where else do you go to totally escape your life? It's perfect especially if you discover new blogs and books through a post on a blog you like.

So here are today's finds:
First the blog Three Swingin' Chicks by Janet Cole who has a new book out about one of the hottest items of interest lately, raising chickens! (Please note that I have no relation to the author or publisher, etc.) It's called "Chicken and Egg:  A Memoir of Suburban Homesteading with 125 Recipes". The blog is delightful, full of pictures of her 4 "girls" and laced with great stories about raising chickens and recipes. I got a real laugh from one entry about protecting your chickens from frostbite and I have to tell you, nothing can lift your spirits like a good laugh or giggle! Then there's her entry about how to sell your home in a flash, you won't believe it.

From her blog I drifted hither and yon until I found the blog Small Measure. She lives in North Carolina and writes on homesteading, canning, gardening, raising bees, chickens and even homemade butter-making which I intend to try soon. She also has books on these subjects and writes a weekly column on Design Sponge.

Thanks to everyone whose links contributed to this post and a "good night, sleep tight, roses on your pillow and don't let the bed bugs bite", something we said to all as we went to sleep as kids.  Who knew we'd ever have to worry about bed bugs????

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