Frankly, I think a lot of women all over the globe can relate to my situation. Men control the world. Sorry guys, but you DO and you have ALL the "boys' networks" set up everywhere. Women are apparently more trusting...or stupid...or...I give up! What makes us (women, married or not) not likely to reach out like men and help each other? It boggles the mind...mine, at least!!!

Come on ladies! I don't care what your nationality/religion/ethnicity and so on, is. You HAVE to have an opinion! And if English isn't your language, I'm SURE someone out there would volunteer to translate for you! Plus, there's Babel Fish (I think that's the site).  Though some translations can be mangled; if we all got together, possibly, just maybe, something would change for each of us. No, I don't think the world will because it's all patriarchal. But maybe if we made a teensie dent in the wall/armor/facade, a wee bit of difference in each of our lives would be noticed.

Sorry all, for going on, will get off my soapbox now, but DO think about it...just a wee difference, here and there and then a wee bit more....  Life is CHANGE/OPPORTUNITY.

Thank you for listening, and for your visit to my blog. Hope it wasn't too negative, because it was meant to be positive and give us strength in all our gods' names. He/She never meant for the world to be so very horrid.

Sorry, with that I will give you a little picture of happiness...  It's my late Siberian Husky who was the dearest soul. With me for so many years and in her favorite place in the back yard, sniffing spring air.
Spring smells SOOO good! I'm in heaven!
P.S. If you don't like this post, don't bother commenting because it will be deleted. But thank you anyways for reading.

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