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1 year ago
Okay, the Black Forest ham incident, the rawhide chew stick incident...none of those were enough to drive it into my thick head..."DO NOT LEAVE GROCERIES ON THE FLOOR YOU SILLY HUMAN". Once again, I got home and this time had to run to the W.C., (yes, more info than you wanted, what can I say, it's life) so I dropped the groceries on the kitchen floor forgetting two freshly baked sandwich rolls (part of dinner) were protected only by a flimsy paper bag. The brainless human then proceeded to change, wash her face (it was hot outside) and finally noticed the absence of a small dog who normally would be a few feet away. Silence. It's amazing how quiet they can be when in stealth-mode.

So I proceeded through the house (not a long way to go since it's so small) and found Blue with his head in the grocery bag and halfway through the second sandwich roll. He'd already consumed the first one in total silence without any paper bag noises.

I think I'm getting older or I just got used to having an older, very well trained, as far as not hitting the garbage or groceries, Siberian Husky. Maybe it was the extra counter space I had back then. I forgot how quick and quiet they can be when they spot a target (aka "forbidden food") within their reach.

When we first rescued Frost, we soon discovered she considered the kitchen counter and TV trays part of her domain as well as anything on them. Note that the kitchen counter at the time was 30 inches deep (76 cm) and nothing was ever near the edge of it. First there was the two semi-frozen chicken breasts thawing on a plate on the counter...gone in seconds, bones and all. The plate never made a sound. Then it was a pound of butter coming to room temperature, (wrappers included) that she scarfed down. Next was the ham sandwich on the TV tray.

To "cure" her of this nasty little habit, a mouse trap was brought into service. Doltoid loosened it so it would still snap noisily but not hang on to anything or hurt. I know because I set it a few times and it went off on my fingers...no damage or pain, just surprise. This worked like a charm. After a few weeks of "set ups" such as "I'm leaving the ground beef on the counter and exiting the room dear" followed by a few snaps, Ms. Frost got the idea. After that I only had to rattle the trap and set it at the edge of the counter. She was a very quick learner even though her humans were pretty dumb.

You have to have had access to seeing a Siberian Husky hover on their hind legs, front paws not touching the counter to appreciate the incredible skill we were trying to deter. I recall when my Aunt came to visit many years ago and I had filled a little cut glass basket with Godiva chocolate hearts (truffle centers...mmmm) for her and placed it on a rather high night stand in the guest room. Just by chance I walked by the room and saw Ms. M. hovering over the nightstand inhaling chocolates. Thank goodness I caught her before she had too many. (FYI, dogs don't have, from what I understand from the doggie first aid class I took, the enzyme that will break down the chemicals in chocolate and therefore it can be fatal.) After that I was super -vigilant but I was also much younger.

Apparently I am lulled by getting older or perhaps these memories, forgetting I have a new little friend who needs some guidance or at least a human with a light bulb on upstairs. Will I never learn? Geesh! Now I have to go hunt down a new plan for dinner. Not to be gross, but there was no salvaging even a part of the second roll, thanks to Mr. drool-y face Blue. Getting older is a challenge. Lol! But he does make me laugh though and that's totally worth two sandwich rolls any day!

Since the incident, Blue has been in the backyard as I write this. This human's deluded form of punishment since he likes to stick to me like glue. When I let him in, I showed him the bag and partially eaten roll (duh) thinking he'd connect the "crime and punishment", but no, he lunged at the roll like I was offering him a treat, a reward. As I said "duh"...silly, silly human.

P.S. Was just commenting on Alicia's blog about her Corgi (Clover) post and mentioned that Blue will be four this summer. Suddenly it hit me, today is Blue's birthday! Since he was a rescue I picked the date he came to his forever home as his B-day. His age was a guesstimate by the vets at the pound. Anyhow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE! I guess we'll call the sandwich rolls his "birthday cake". Lol!

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