Indoor Pollution Post

Who?  Me?  Never!  Really!  Never ever!!
Today was another gorgeous day, coolish, in the 70's maybe a bit higher...it was wonderful. Thank goodness, because Mr. Blue has been...how shall I say this without grossing you out? Mr. B. had been (select one):

                     ____ Passing gas
                     ____ Expelling intestinal gas
                     ____ Suffering from flatulance
                     ____ Fumigating the house
                     ____ Polluting the indoor environment
                     ____ Farting
                     ____ Cutting the cheese

It's been going on all day long. Holy Cow! Doors open, fans on, I repeat...Holy Cow! 

Of course it couldn't possibly be the two thirds of a bag of beefy chew sticks he got into while I was talking to a neighbor. Yes, while I went out to bring a package left on my doorstep by mistake, back to them, I left Blue in the back yard. I had just returned from a grocery run and left the "safe" bags on the floor while putting the "not for doggies" bags on the counter (it's a small kitchen).

Apparently the bag boy at the grocery put the treats in the same bag as a six-pack of V-8 juice and I didn't notice. Well, they must give off a pretty tempting scent. While talking to the neighbor Blue apparently went back into the house and found them, much to his delight I'm sure. When I returned, there were half eaten chews, plastic wrap and cardboard label shreds all over the living room! He was holding two chews in his mouth and his eyes opened wide when he saw me. "Oh, oh, mom's back...."

I immediately grabbed everything including the chews in his mouth. He didn't resist much so he must have inhaled enough to stuff him. The rest of the evening, he consumed 4 bowls of water! He also "missed" dinner as a result.

I should have known better. About 5 months ago, Albertson's was having a sale on deli meats and I bought a pound (half a kilo) of "black forest ham" for lunches. Same scenario...bagger stuck them in a bag with non-food items so I didn't notice and left the bag on the floor. I also left the room to answer the phone. In less than two minutes, he had ferreted out the ham, ripped open it's wrapping and inhaled a pound of ham!

When will I learn? Always, always, always put bags on the counter if I'm leaving the room! Anyhow, he slept most of today under my chair as I write (more on what I'm writing in a future post). Blissfully sleeping not knowing he was also fumigating the entire house.

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