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In some of my recent posts, I've mentioned how I'm trying to come back to life and how lost I feelafter this horridly long divorce. It has me baffled because what I'm feeling is very unlike previous depressions I've experienced. I haven't been able to pinpoint the why of the listlessness, the total lack of interest in anything that has descended upon me.

The odd thing is that I'm taking medication which helps somewhat but feeling like I don't care about a single thing is just off-putting. I think I mentioned somewhere in a back post that I don't have any desire to cook and am buying pre-made things like salads and sandwiches. About all I can do is slice cheese for crackers and boil eggs. Even my favorite tuna salad recipe seems too much to tackle.

Of course having no shade left on the patio gives me no incentive to go outside and garden or even leave the house. Well, it will certainly save miles of wear and tear on my car (attempt at humor there).

Out of the blue today, a friend emailed me and she must have been reading my mind. She asked how I was and commented that I was "probably crashing from the whole divorce thing". She may have just hit the nail on the head. I really thought I'd gone through all the stages of grief but there must be layers of each stage. It's kind of like what I imagine recovering from a car crash is like...not sure if I want to get back in the car and go anywhere ever again....

Okay, not the most uplifting of posts but as I've said in the past I write to find my way out of this murky quagmire of life I'm currently stuck in. How 'bout a nice little still life of my desk to end on a positive note. (See, I am trying to maintain some balance and not be all about the negative...lol!)

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