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Getting a new computer is fun but it's also a pain. I know, I sound like an ungrateful "arse". (Note:  I am truly thankful that I'm able at this point to afford to purchase a new one.) It's just that after almost four years, I had my computer set up just the way I wanted it. I had all my favorite blogs and articles to read, bookmarked. And here I am, starting over.

I'm getting sick of the "starting over" theme playing in my life over the last five years. Really, really sick of it!

I bought one year of Geek Squad help so I'm bringing my Macbook in to see if they can save all the data on the hard drive. If only I'd have payed attention to the little voice saying "back up your computer". I got as far as getting the portable back up hard drive out of storage and onto my desk but there it sits.

So I'm trying out a new iMac for two weeks. So far, the screen seems too big, but then after almost 4 years of the little Macbook screen, that's to be expected. I'm still torn over the portability issue. I haven't had a desktop computer for over 5 years except for the ones at the store and am not sure about lugging this beast to and from the Geek Squad at Best Buy.

One thing's for certain, I feel lost. Tried to wish my nephew Happy Birthday on Facebook, but can't remember my log in ID or password. Tried to pay a bill online and couldn't remember the User ID or Password. On my old Mac, everything was "remembered" and I had a document with all the IDs and passwords in case something happened. Foolishly, however, I hadn't backed up the info recently. Sigh....

I really hope the Geek Squad can save the data, or I'll have to start my book over and have no photos of the last 4 years. Loosing the photos alone will break my heart. Another point for not only backing up, but using flicker or some such place to save your photos!!

I'm too bummed to continue writing, sorry. Now stop reading and go back up your computer and especially your photos RIGHT NOW! You'll thank me for it later when your machine croaks without warning or you foolishly put liquid near it. Life is short in so many ways.

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