Holy Cow!

Or perhaps I should say Holy Pig. Forgot to mention that when I stopped at TJ's and Pavilions yesterday to pick up some salads and so forth, I cruised the meat counter. Saw some nice pork chops and thought that would be a little change from the last few weeks of salads.

Well, I almost passed out..."on sale" they were $6.49/lb. (4.55E/1/2K)!! Last time I looked, about a month ago, they were $4.49!!!! 

You'll recall my Pea Post about the movie Guarding Tess a while back. In the movie Shirley McLaine tells Nicholas Cage to run to the store and pick up a can of Le Seuer peas which would cost $0.59. I had just purchased a can of the same day I found my note for...$2.29!!!! I'm really starting to feel like my parents in the depression when "bread only cost $0.10 a loaf, but no one had $0.10"!!!!

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