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This is one of the reasons I don't like daytime (like before 5 p.m.) "naps"...nightmares. Doesn't happen too often, but when one hits, it's usually a doozie! I decided while reading an instruction manual online for my old but beloved digital Olympus that I couldn't keep my eyes open one...more....second........zzzz....
I couldn't bring myself to show any slithery closeups so this will have to do.
Do you dream in color? Are you aware of yourself in your dream, can you control things in your dream? I have to say yes to all the above. This time I was a participant and I was transported back in time when my brother and I were young. It was a problematic dream and as it progressed I probably actually screamed out loud. I was left in charge of my bro and a little friend of his. No pets were allowed in the house. (Note:  this is not a memory.)

My brother was being snotty and had a ferret hidden in a shoe box. For whatever reason I went to bed and warned them to behave. While sleeping (in the dream) there was a commotion at the side of my bed. My brother whispered "the ferret got loose". Frankly, I was fine with this, since I thought ferrets were cute.

Well, he lied. What really lived in the box was a snake. It was a very tricky kind of snake because it would twirl back upon itself like a rubber band wound too tight and spring from there. Problem was, you never could tell in what direction due to the way it curled.

Of course, it didn't shoot out it the direction my little brother predicted but rather into bed with me...and so the nightmare begins! I was so "in" the dream, I recall trying to use my arms to roll over or get up so he could grab the snake which was curling around underneath me. My muscles had fallen asleep. So had my facial muscles thus, when I tried to yell at him to roll me over, nothing sensible came out. This feeling of my body being numb continued (this is when I probably began screaming out loud). I could feel the snake crawling the length of my leg.

Rolling my body to and fro, I finally got on my side and there was the snake. It had crawled down my legging and was head-first into my boot. Why on earth I had boots on...in bed?? Anyhow, my brother grabbed it only to have it spring away. Before I could catch my breath, a smaller one jumped onto the bed in it's place. OMG!

Did I mention the color? It had the courtesy to at least be olive green with purple and lime-green stripes. This little one was even harder to locate. At that point I must have hit that point in dreaming where you can make yourself wake up. It was just so gross and slithery!

It was like waking from surgery. All groggy, unstable and exhausted. Have you ever had any experiences like this?

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Anonymous BellaKarma said...

I totally do this! My biggest fear is that I actually scream that loud for reals in my sleep, and the neighbors will call the cops.

10/25/11, 9:29 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

The person I was formerly married to told me I had whole conversations out loud in my sleep. He'd try to wake me but I was so deep in the dream it took a while. Lol!

10/25/11, 12:07 PM  

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