Of Opossums, Blue and Tomatoes Post

Today was a lovely day. No jacket required. I went out to my little plot of earth to see all the gardenia blossoms and loads of buds. Since Blue has made them his favorite "business" bushes, their growth has been outstanding.
The gardenias like Blue and the tomato plant which is using them as its support.
To my total shock, hidden under the weeds which kind of cover the tomato vine, where ripe tomatoes!
Five of them, which I picked. Those are the ones in the foreground of the photo. The rest still needed a few days. This makes at least two dozen if not three, that I've harvested. I'm totally amazed at the plant. Actually there are two, the other one trails off the opposite side of the gardenias.
That black thing is so annoying.
While outside, Mr. B proceeded to do his business at the far end of the yard while I picked up after him. During this, he decided to torture me by rolling on what I thought was a tiny, rotten, shriveled avocado fallen from the tree. When I went to pick it up, he grabbed it and ran away. Little demon.
Mom, do you smell something?
I know I smell something....
Well, you can guess what it really was...AAAUUUUGGGHHHH! He was relegated to the back yard while I went in and got cleaning supplies for his coat and mouth. He was NOT happy being scrubbed down. Luckily there wasn't anything visible to remove, but I wanted to be sure he was fresh-smelling. The remainder of the afternoon was spent "airing" in the Great Outdoors. Just in case.

Since he's really an indoor puppers, when I walked into the yard to check on him a bit later, he was adamant about wanting to come back in the house. Again, not a happy little camper.

Puhleeze let me in. I hate it out here! Mom? Mmmmmommm!!
Look at those eyes! Well, the little man had his dinner outdoors. A picnic! He wasn't impressed. When I brought him new water and removed his dinner dish, he kept trying to dart in the door between my legs. Having had 30 years with Siberian Huskies has, if nothing else, taught me how to block escape moves.

After dark, a ruckus broke out. One of the local teens from the gang of opossums was trespassing in the yard. Will they never learn? The Sheriff had it "tree'd" in a palm and was informing it of its rights or rather lack thereof. You could see the glow of two beady eyes from amongst the palm fronds. Lol!

While out there, the sprinklers went on and the Sheriff quickly lost interest, running for cover. I found an old towel, dried him off, finally letting him in at about 7:30. He has been glued to me since. Such a silly, dear little character.

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