Just Ignore This Post

Okay, this is the last time I'll mention it. I'm still miffed about the tree butcher and the pecan tree from June. Yes, I do tend to dwell on things when I see them as a reminder every single day. Frankly, you can just ignore this post. I'm hoping that a final post regarding the event and aftermath will expunge the experience from my mind. Dear Pecan Tree, you were such a lovely thing before the butcher. I'll always remember you as you "were". These are "before" photos:
All the green you see is the pecan tree.
Ah, shade on the west side. Another "before" pic.
Now, ta da, the "after" pic, which you've already seen. This is just kind of for me, especially after higher energy bills all summer and a rent increase.

Not the best photos, but at least something so I can recall how nice the tree and shade were before the tree butcher.



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