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After my post about being "pumpkin-ed out" before we even got to Halloween, I did find some nice new (to me) food blogs as well as some combo (food and life) sites that I thought you might enjoy. Karen at the Soup Addict has some wonderful posts and recipes. Being a soup lover and one of my favorite things to make, I was drawn in by the name of her blog. She has other recipes too, not just soups.

For example, I found a solution to my quandary about making pies or cobblers for my neighbors as a thank you. A whole pie just seemed a bit over the top, plus, I wanted some of it too. A missing slice out of a pie would be too noticeable. Her "Tiny Pies" are the perfect solution! I'll just substitute my peach filling for the one in her recipe. What a perfect idea.

Her photos are also beautiful. I also liked her recipe for Egg Pouches. They're so cute...poached eggs that look like Chinese dumplings!

Another really good site is the Snippets of Thyme blog. Sarah's blog had me lost in it for over an hour with lots of recipes and gorgeous photos. Her family travels and has lived in many places, her blog is peppered with those tales a pictures and I have to say she's an engaging writer. Her post just before their trip to Ireland was for Irish Split Pea and Ham Soup which I now have on the brain with about 20 other things I want to make! Sigh.

Lastly, there's Rocky Mountain Woman. Her blog has a little of everything...recipes, woodsy photos and a house she's building in Utah. She even had the first Mac and Cheese recipe to ever entice me to contemplate making it! That's a big deal because I usually just blow by most M and C recipes. Of course, it could be I'm just hungry. Lol! Enjoy!

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Anonymous BellaKarma said...

Yay! I have no patience looking for food blogs, so I love how you share the links to some of the best! :)

10/25/11, 9:44 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Glad to do it! There's so many out there that are just a bore (not that my blog is all that scintillating, lol!) I actually start nodding off at the computer. So when I find one with something to it I like to share it. It's also why, unlike many bloggers, I only have a few blogs listed under "Blogs I Enjoy". Thanks so for commenting!

10/25/11, 12:17 PM  

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