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*Warning:  Quite Long........... This is what happens when one takes a writing vacation...I had time to think and ruminate. Thoughts build up! What can I say?
My info has Elizabeth receiving her first Corgi, Susan, when she was 18 in 1944.
While enjoying my time away from this little blog, I wound up cleaning the backlog of partially written and unpublished posts. The files are so much neater now. It's funny, but when I look back through entries, I really enjoy my blog! Maybe it's because I still write it primarily just for me and if anyone wants to go along for the ride, that's great! I appreciate it!

Life is short and each year as we get older, we can forget the small memories, experiences and realizations. Those tiny personal discoveries that one will never remember in a few days. This is especially true when one is under stress. There is so much that went on during my five year divorce that I'd never remember had I not written about it.

There's a great tendency when you're going through something like a divorce (or serious illness or death of a loved one) to start dwelling only on that. I saw that happen in the first two to three years. Though you may not have seen all those posts, writing about what was going on enabled me to see where I was  stuck in ruts of negativity and not moving on.

The fact that I didn't want this blog to become a "wailing wall" but rather a means to grow and get through the experience meant I actually had to "look" at my thoughts. If you throw a party only to moan and whine all through it, guests will leave early and no one will ever return! It provided a rudder that helped keep me on a more even keel. How's that for an old cliche?

I know I write about the mundane, everyday things that go on in life, but maybe that's what we need in this crazy world. Are people able to "stop" and reflect anymore? Time to be just with themselves and contemplate their hopes and dreams as well as the boring stuff too. So many people seem disenfranchised, so lonely. I'd comment further on how the political climate, lawyers and bankers, etc. and the economy they created are not helping this, but you know I try not to talk politics or get on my soapbox.
See, even the Queen is disturbed by it all. Sorry, you know I have an odd sense of humor ;)
So maybe in some way, reading my blog lets me into that rarified air of reflection. Though I try not to look at the stats, when I do and see I've had visitors, I'm tickled. It makes me smile. To those who leave comments, thank you! You all confirm that sometimes what I think is just everyday life may possibly be a little escape from your own world. Time you've given yourself for "you". For me, it's an honor to have you take time out of your day to stop by!

I really think this is why I like blogging. When I see the various countries listed, it intrigues the "pen pal" in me (I've written about this before).  My wee vacation from the Grey House Journal was enjoyable. I was getting stale and boring...even for me!!

Yup, that's life. The ennui of it can make you very one dimensional among other things. Take a break/vacation, however short, it's sooooooo worth it! Even if you don't go anywhere, you come back refreshed and energized. It's been so long since I consciously took a vacation, I'd forgotten what it felt like! Quite amazing.

Of course, being away didn't stop me from surfing the net where I found a number of things including Joanna Goddard's blog, A Cup of Jo. There's tons of stuff to see there. Unfortunately, she mentioned how addicting Pinterest is. This is not the first time I've heard Pinterest associated with the word "addicting" in the same sentence. Up until now, I resisted the urge to look.

So I looked. Holy Smokes! Big mistake! It's like visual crack (sp?). I may be going there for a permanent home since I essentially have had a Pinterest-like file labeled Inspiration in my documents before my Macbook went over rainbow bridge and took everything with it.

I can really see the use for this site. You won't loose your "love this" pics and so on if your computer croaks plus all those photos won't suck up space on the hard drive. Another plus, you'll be able to remember where you found the gem! I try to note where I found something but I'm not always successful and then when I want to go back and refer to it, I'm lost. 

Oh dear. Another thing to do on top of a way to store my photos on the net, not just my computer. Of course once I get the hang of it, I'm sure it won't eat up any more time than my own versions.

Since I'm talking about everyday life and the mundane I have to share these videos with you. I love this one with Queen Elizabeth and one of her Corgis. It's such a collision of worlds! QE dressed to the nines, tiara, long white gloves and all, sitting in what looks like a bathroom, teasing her Corgi into tug of war with her white fur wrap and then her gloves! Just love the dogs and to see the Queen as a regular old dog-lover is just priceless! Despite all the pomp and circumstance, the joy in day to day life can be found in the mundane...and for everyone on this planet, even a queen. Maybe it's what helps keep us sane....

Then there's this with Queen Elizabeth taking her pack for a walk in her "backyard" lol! You won't understand the announcer, but words aren't needed! Lastly, Queen Elizabeth boarding her plane for Balmoral with her pack. I love how some won't go along with the plan to go up the steps...so they get carried! Corgis aren't stupid, plus they don't know a queen from a commoner...lol! The Queen can be quite silly with her Corgis and I don't blame her! Probably keeps her in balance :)
Yes Mum, I work for the Queen! No, I don't do that or that. No that either. Let's just say she is my employer and let it be at that. Okay, okay....fine, I'm a member of her personal staff. No, not that, that either or that. I'm one of her Corgi Carriers. Yes, that's what I said Mum. Oh Mum, please stop laughing and crying at the same time! I didn't ask to be sent through law school. No, tell Dad I'm not a disappointment. Mmmummm....
Well, yes, I do have to carry a little clean-up/pick-up kit. Really Mum, please stop crying! They're very loving little dogs though these've been known to nip at people once in a while. Mum, they're a herding breed. No Mum, that doesn't make me a shepherd! 
Found this tidbit (here) about her Corgis' diet:  "The daily menu for the corgis is typed up and posted on the kitchen wall.  Some days the corgis have chuck steak, and other days there is poached chicken or liver or rabbit.  The meat is chopped up and mixed with boiled cabbage and white rice.  Besides fixing this yummy food for the dogs, the royal chefs also bake buttered scones to serve the Queen every day at tea.  Except she never eats these.  She gives them to the dogs instead."

This last week was in the 100's (37-38's C) so you missed my quacking about the heat :D...checked the gardenias in the backyard...more than two dozen blooms on it now! That's the most I've ever seen since I moved in!

Found more ripe tomatoes and finally tried some. In previous years, their flavor hasn't been all that great. Holy cow! Here I'd been giving them all away! Re-sowing their seeds must do something...because, while they are just as tough on the outside, this year they taste like "tomato heaven"!!! I almost fell over!  I do have other thoughts as to why, but, we won't go there....

So thank you for all your visits and for your patience while I took a little time off. You should try it, I highly recommend it! Wishing you happiness and peace. xox

P.S. Source of all photos is right here.

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