Misty Morning Post

Following my post on seeing the seasons here in Southern California I woke up to drizzle this morning! Surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors) in an old TV sitcom would have said. Checked msn.com and it isn't predicted till tonight.

Tomorrow will supposedly bring rain and Thursday, thunderstorms. This is really early in the season for "weather". Of course the weather people on the news will be in heaven since there's something new to talk about other than sunshine.

If indeed we do get some rain or drizzle, driving for the next few days will be a challenge since once again, everyone here will have totally forgotten how to drive in drizzle. For some reason the whole concept of built up grease and oils on pavement and how when mixed with mist this creates a slip 'n' slide driving experience will have eluded everyone, as it does every year. Okay, all you who live where there's "real" weather can stop laughing now :)

Personally, I'm going to really enjoy the gray day as a lovely change of pace. Kind of gives me the urge to do some spring autumn cleaning around here. Maybe. I do know I'm sitting here in T-shirt and shorts and I'm "freezing".

Once you live here a while, you really do turn into a weather-whuss. (No idea if that's how whuss is spelled, but you get the idea.) Today's high is supposed to only get to 69F with a low of 57F. Seriously, stop laughing! ;-D

Since I have to get some groceries, I may just pick up some of the season's last peaches and make a pie or two. Yay, could it really be time to turn on the "big" oven? It's the little things like this that make life a joy and I try so hard to remember that.

It means I can go back to cooking in my Dutch oven, something I'm way better at than the crock pot. Maybe it's growing up in the Midwest, but somehow we come out with Dutch ovens attached at the hip! In some inexplicable way, a wealth of knowledge about cooking with them is just second nature. Well, at least it was for me.

Might even be tempted to drive out to Stater Brothers market where whole, Foster Farm chickens are on sale through today for $.69/lb.! I really, really want to make Moroccan Chicken with Green Olives and Lemons. But, I'll see how the day goes. More later...

...later...Well, the sun actually made its way out by three p.m. and the drizzle ended around noon. So much for weather. Only one problem, it really made me a sleepy-head and I never ran any errands. I'll probably regret that. No idea why, just a feeling.

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