Rogue's Gallery Post

As with all injuries, they seem to get worse before they get better. No idea why this is, but lately have had a number of chances to prove it to myself. As promised, we have the "rogue's gallery" of the shiner's shifting colors.

First up is the shot when it just looked like I had eyeliner and super heavy eye shadow.
Good grief, this is an unattractive pic! Lol!
Note the slow, barely visible color drift to the bag under my eye.

Next is today's shot of what looks like a shadow from the puffy bag under my eye, but is actually not a shadow but more color. Since I have no idea how to "draw" an arrow on a photo, I taped a paper one to my face...I'm just soooo creative. :D Note the array of colors now visible.
I know this is terribly blurry, but taking a photo of a small target and then cropping it, seems to bring out the worst in my photography.

Funny, observing the progress of a black eye is kind of like watching molten lava flow in very slow motion. Lol! Oh, and just so you have something to compare the small disaster to, here's a pic of my normal eye.
No I'm not lash-less or brow-less just blonde.
No photo of it, but I've added an extra large lump highlighted by a nice purple bruise to my chin so it looks like a huge double chin. So attractive...not. Assorted other bruises and kinks have surfaced in various places. Not to be indelicate, but there's even a very painful bruise on my boob! This is what happens when you fall without a double armload of laundry to cushion you like I did the last time. Still, I'm so very thankful for not breaking anything.

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