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I hesitate to comment on the weather for fear the universe will hear me and pull the nice, cool rug out from underneath me. The last five days have been beautifully overcast in the mornings. A lovely change from summer heat which in all honesty, I really can't or shouldn't complain about this year (knock on wood).
You've heard of Death Valley, well this is "Death Garden".
Above is a pic of my rather sad (dead) looking patio pot garden. As noted in my last post, a cracked rib can be rather inhibiting in more ways than one. This would be perfect weather to pot up some herbs so they can get going before it cools down for the winter. It just still really hurts to bend forward. Oh well there it all sits.
While the name Champion is fine, this tomato should be called "Die Hard with a Vengeance".
So far, using a tongs to avoid bending down, I've picked about 20 little tomatoes from the volunteer. I gave some to the neighbors behind me to thank her husband for dragging the regular and green waste cans out to the curb for me the last three weeks. I tried last week and pulled my healing rib. Monday used to be the day the gardeners would mow and blow plus put the garbage cans out for me. Trash pick up day is on Tuesday. Since the landlord changed the guys to Friday, I'm now stuck dragging them out myself. You never know what you've got till it's gone. Like half a tree:
No, still not over the tree butcher's callous disregard for my tree. Note huge void in upper right quarter of pic. This was not retouched in anyway, except by the tree butcher.
But I digress...I recall last year when the city finally instituted recycling cans (took them long enough), the landlord ordered new cans. Problem is, she chose the largest size. They literally come up to my armpit! Huge.
Blue and blue.
Not having a male in your life is noticable. No, not just from lack of hugs and touching, etc., but from lack of physical help every now and then lifting and moving stuff. I'm starting to think that it may be time to move from a house to an apartment. Not something I relish. Haven't lived in one since college. Don't like the idea of population density in apartments.

Poor Blue hasn't had dinner in a day because the 18 lb. bag of dog food that the grocery clerk put in my trunk, has been impossible to hoist out. On the other hand, he's not starving since I've been feeding him "treats and cookies" much to his delight. Luckily I had a can of chunky chicken dog food from Trader Joe's, so he got a quarter can of that one night. He normally doesn't get canned food which was yet  another treat for him. Going back to dry kibble will be a shock to his little psyche. Lol!

I think that as baby boomers age, there's a real need for a once a week "person" to service the older residents in my neighborhood. This individual could easily pick up an extra $30-50+ per week  depending on the number of people who "subscribed" to his/her business.
David Beckham must have some free time...he could probably haul two garbage cans at once without blinking!
It could be done in an hour or three a week, unless some old coot was on a talking jag about football. Lol! Please note that when I say "service" I mean lifting and hauling heavy things. This is a reasonably "clean" blog with the exception of a swear word or two disguised as "%&(#*". Of course, it's still a view one can appreciate.

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