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With today's mail, the grocery store ads for 9/28 through 10/4 arrived. There is nothing (of any value, like meat) on sale. Just a rehash of their regular stock. So, a change of plans was in order. I decided to take advantage of the last day of the previous week's sales. Covering up my shiner with make up was not all that successful. A black eye just seems to remain visible no matter what. Thankfully there are sunglasses.

To my amazement the weekend special of extra meaty baby back ribs was held over so I got a slab at the ridiculous price of $2.79/pound! Also got more boneless chicken breasts, which were a deal at $1.97/pound.

I'm going to put the chicken in two different marinades overnight and then bag and freeze each in bag. I've done this before with very favorable results upon thawing vs. just freezing the chicken "plain" which is often dried out from the freezing process.

The slab of ribs will be hacked in half and also frozen. In the past, I've tried freezing it with my dry rub on, but wasn't happy with the final taste. So these will be "plain". My favorite canned tuna was on sale, two 12 oz. cans for $5.00. These are normally $3.69 a can. Score! I bought four.

So I'm stocked up for a while at least. This whole thing started as noted above. The total lack of specials and sale items in the weekly grocery ads has been developing throughout the summer as prices on everything escalate. Stocking up like this makes me feel like a plague or famine is coming!



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