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The color continues to develop. Yes, overnight, my "black eye" has shifted a bit. It now looks like I have purple eyeliner on my lower lid. Overall, "whoever did" the "makeup" has a very heavy hand when it comes to "the purple eyeshadow" though. Lol! And yes, if we don't laugh, we'll probably cry. Laughing is always the better choice.

My eyebrow however, can't even be touched without eliciting a yelp on my part, despite how I try to control myself. This morning, I read something on msn.com that was sad and I automatically "knit" my brows together as I read, this action resulted in a small unexpected scream. Owwwie!!!

But overall I can't complain too much since it's not nearly as bad as the last shiner (visually) and my eye isn't swollen shut thank goodness. So if I need to drive somewhere, I'll be able to...although I don't plan on going out in public for a while.

Trash has to go out tonight for tomorrow's pick up and after going outside to pick two ripe tomatoes before the green horn worms get them, I found that my balance is really off. So I'll be toddling (literally) over to the neighbors in the back house (or maybe just calling them) once again asking for them to pull the can out for me. I have no desire to crash and burn in my own driveway for all to see just for garbage.

Poor souls, little did they know (or I) that they'd be stuck with a very lame neighbor and hauling her trash can out. I so owe them baked goodies soon. The weather has been cooling down nicely and it shouldn't be too long before I can turn on the big oven.

Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken and Dumplings are first up as far as dinners, accompanied by baking. I really want to make a few fresh peach/nectarine goodies before they all vanish for the winter.

Hmmm, I started writing this in the morning and now, about 7 hours later just looked in the mirror and the "makeup artist" has smeared her work, there's now a bit of "eyeshadow" showing on the bag below my eye. Not ideal.

Later tonight:  after some thought, I decided to skip garbage this week since there really isn't much. This way I don't have to bother the neighbors. :)  I'll post the latest eye "make up" pics tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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